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Så fik jeg smidt den “gamle” installation af Geeklog ud og gjort min WordPress installation offentlig.

Jeg har leget med WordPress igennem de sidste mange måneder og er rigtig godt tilfreds med den, specielt efter v. 2.7 kom ud. Nu er admin-panelet blevet rigt nemt og let tilgængeligt at arbejde med. Og så fandt jeg det theme Inanis Glass som jeg vil starte med, det er et rigtigt smart theme der minder om Windows Vista’s skrivebord, imponerende godt lavet.

Confluence 56N 10E

05-Mar-2006 — I have known about this confluence for some time since I discovered the site, and have been meaning to go visit it since it is only 9.42 km from my home, so on this sunny and cold winter-day I decided now was the time to do it, instead of staying holed up inside all day.
I had been geocaching on the 2 previous days so I had all my warm clothes ready and I just needed to make a waypoint at the confluence to guide me to the spot.
The last visit by Wolfgang & Silke was made on a rainy and overcast september-day when the light wasn’t too good and the wet leaves on the trees made for bad reception, so today I figured I could get some nice photos right on the spot.
I was able to park my car on the shoulder of the road about 150-160 meters from the confluence and then walked across the field to the small wood where the confluence was located. As I neared the spot I could recognice the place from the previous visitors photos.
After a little moving around I found the approximate spot and proceeded to take the required photos. And since it was a sunny day the view was great across the snow-covered area.
This was a great excuse to get out and get some fresh air.
Take a look at a map after the break.

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Den Virtuelle Cache “Sandy Lighthouse” på Rubjerg Knude


This picture is prof that I visited the Virtual Cache GCKE29 “Sandy Lighthouse”.

When I lived in this part of Denmark 8 years ago the dunes in front of the lighthouse blocked its view from the sea, now the dunes have moved on and covers the houses that was at the foot of the lighthouse. The people to my right is sitting on top of the house!

See a Gallery of images of the changes over the last 36 years after the break.

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